PRAYER स तन्मयो ह्यमृत ईशसंस्थो ज्ञः सर्वगो भुवनस्यास्य गोप्ता। य ईशेऽस्य जगतो नित्यमेव नान्यो हेतुर्विद्यत ईशनाय॥ यो ब्रह्माणं विदधाति पूर्व यो वै वेदांश्च प्रहिणोति तस्मै। तं ह देवं आत्मबुध्दिप्रकाशं मुमुक्षुर्वै शरणमहं प्रपद्ये॥ “He is the Soul of the Universe; He is Immortal; His is the Rulership; He is the All-knowing, the All-pervading, the Protector of […]

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Modi for 2019

*👉 I will Vote for Modi in 2019 & 2024 so that … Work on 6 Dedicated Freight Corridors of 9,485 Kms length is completed & started in a timely manner!* *👉 I will Vote for Modi in 2019 & 2024 so that … Work on 15 New proposed & approved Rail Links of 4,440 […]

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Kalpa Vigraha Oldest Hindu Idol of Lord Siva (26450 BC) Around 1959-60, a heavy chest containing the idol was reportedly given to CIA officials for safekeeping at Lo Monthang (called “Mustang” in CIA files) by a Tibetan monk accompanied by Khampa bodyguards. The monk apparently related to the CIA officials the importance of the chest […]

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